About Autoland Scientech

Autoland Scientech has been manufacturing quality automotive diagnostic equipment for over 20 years; established in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, Mexico, USA and Europe.

Autoland is a manufacturer of many well known scan tools such as iScan, iScan II wt, VeDiS, VeDiS II and DOL. We started out producing engine analyzers as its primary focus. In the early 90s along with the inception of OBD, Autoland was the first to design an aftermarket handheld device that could read and clear codes on Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Autoland always strives to provide not only quality diagnostics but affordable and innovative solutions for diagnostics. Such is the case with Diagnostic On Line (DOL). Autoland is the first in the aftermarket to provide a revolutionary internet-based diagnostic service. We are also the first aftermarket company to provide a Web-based Diagnostic Service that allows access to its diagnostic software while paying a low cost subscription.

In addition to DOL, Autoland manufactures iScan II wt, which is our latest and greatest diagnostic device that serves 3 purposes: 1) Act like a hand held device, 2) J2534 pass thru device and 3) a Factory Interface, all in one. iScan II wt is the second generation of our highest level software tool that provides unsurpassed diagnostic capability, speed and ease of use. Integrated class 1 bluetooth enables remote PC interfacing at a maximum of a 330 foot range. No VIN input necessary, iScan II wt is able to not only read and clear codes but also to provide activations and programming of components. Included features: Program Keys, Calibrate Throttle Body, Steering Angle Sensor, Seat Weight Sensors, Light Alignment, TPMS registration, Electronic Parking Brake and much more.

Additionally, the VeDiS II (Vehicle Diagnostic System) product is our best fast, simplest, and most cost effective hand held diagnostic tool. This versatile tool allows you to have many functions iScan II wt has, but at a lower cost.

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